Broforce: kick-ass justice!

So, with a friend of mine we wanted to find a nice game, with hotseat mode.

We found one! Okay, we admittedly were looking for a strategy game, but unless you already know the game, you easily spend an hour or two to understand the game and its rules. Additionally, hotseat games are rare these days. Sad!

I remembered (hallelujah) that a colleague had showed me the aptly named Broforce. It’s in early access on Steam, has co-op mode and is a great way to get a good laugh while dismembering baddies and villains!

Right from the start, this game doesn’t take itself seriously – you play as the righteous hero of an action-packed movie: Rambo, Schwarzenegger in all his shades of bloody (Conan, Terminator …), Judge Dredd, Neo, Blade etc. Equipped with your specific weapons, your trustworthy knife and your sense of justice you’ll stop the damned devil that laughs like a goat.

Yes, it’s not even a metaphor. In Broforce, you play a true American hero, member of the amazing Broforce that pays terrorists back in kind, and face the god-damn son of a goat that the devil is. To send him packing, you will fight and kill everything through a scrolling 2D level, of which there won’t remain much in the end. We had to restart a couple of missions because we had destroyed the level so much that we we couldn’t progress anymore. Violence, in thy name we fight.


The pixellated graphics are pleasant and the game is more varied than I would have thought initially: new enemies, bosses, races against the clock (we’ll definitely remember a chopper’s phallic gun) and especially the discovery of new playable heroes keeps you hooked – each has its own specificities and you will often swap heroes in the same game. Several game modes are also in the pipeline (including an Alien infestation), we just tested the most basic mode.

Above all, the strength of the game resides in its fun co-op. You can play on the same keyboard: as long as there are buttons available you can add a player, yell at pixellated enemies together and laugh at your failures (we faced many ). The satire of action movies is cool too, because I mean, AMMERRRICAAAA!

For a game we didn’t plan to spend long on, we still played for 4 hours and I’d gladly go back to beat up more nasties. Because we won’t let those dynamite-belted devils stop us!

Why to play Broforce: it’s very dynamic and enjoyable (blowing shit up!), easy to learn, varied, and showcases a hilarious satire of action movies.

Why not to play Broforce: If you enjoy to plan your actions at length (your surroundings will explode before that) and if you work for the devil. Or if you are allergic to freedom and justice!

The game is available in early access (already quite playable) on Steam, developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital.

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