Author: Regis

Let’s play Warhammer Vermintide II (solo mode)

Warhammer Vermintide II from developer Fatshark offers you the opportunity to calm your nerves by murdering hordes of Skaven and Chaos warriors. It succeeds perfectly. I tested the solo version of the game, so I was accompanied in my adventures by three companions of misfortune animated by the game’s AI. […]

The Council: Beyond the Closed Doors of the Human Mind

The Council is an episodic adventure game reminiscent of Telltale games like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or Wolf Among Us (my favorite opus so far). Like them, it focuses on storytelling, the importance of your choices and their consequences but also manages to further improve the genre through […]

Skyshine’s Bedlam: rare steak in its gasoline sauce

Skyshine’s Bedlam is a post-apocalyptic game with turn-based tactical fighting and roguelike elements, developed by Skyshine Games. You play the master and commander of a large, very large truck. Leaving the shining and crowded city of Bysantine, you try to reach the mythical Aztec City with crazy settlers as passengers aboard your radioactive […]

Gods Will Be Watching: managing brutal consequences

Gods Will Be Watching is an hybrid genre game, a mix of point-and-click adventure and resource management game. You play Sergeant Burden, who’s sent into a particularly morally challenging undercover mission, and must manage a series of dramatic situations to maintain galactic peace and ensure his own survival. I immediately liked the graphic style […]

Ultimate General Gettysburg: channel your inner tactician

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a strategy game that sets you in command of the Union or Confederate troops during the Battle of Gettysburg from 1st to 3rd July 1863. This battle is crucial in that it is believed to be the turning point of the Civil War for the Union. Tragically, this […]