Osmos let’s play

Osmos is a nice little game developed by Hemisphere Games.

You are a cell, which must achieve different goals to overcome each level. The main gameplay principle is that to get bigger you have to swallow other cells. So far so good. The problem is that in order to move around you must expel some of the material you are made of. By being expulsed, this matter generates new cells. It’s fun to move around in this way, to calculate on the fly if to reach a target you will have to expel a lot of material. If you expel too much, you risk becoming too small and it’s your target that will be absorbing you.

Beyond this principle, each level of Osmos is different and offers novelties. I have seen, for example, a map with enemy cells moving to catch you, or another with a strong gravity that forces you to follow the current in order to feed.

Osmos is a zen game. The soft music, the colors, all this helps to have a good time with these small cells while stimulating the gray cells (nice parallel isn’t it!) Of your brain.

Why to play this game: to relax if you like puzzles, to discover how the developers infuse novelties from one level to the next.

Why not to play this game: if you love to pop children’s soap bubbles, if the psychotropic scene with the alcohol bubbles in Dumbo traumatized you.

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