Author: Regis

Tye: birth of a PBM and lessons learnt

Tye is our series of computer-assisted play-by-mail games. These are strategy games that oppose a dozen players on a map divided into territories, with weekly turns. By collecting resources, expanding their territory and purchasing buildings, players raise large armies to conquer the surrounding lands. The goal is to conquer a location at the center […]

A six shooter and a star, adventure for Savage Worlds

Our first R&R adventure for the Savage Worlds RPG is now available for download in pdf format in french. The english translation will be released in a couple of weeks. This adventure takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, and chronicles the adventures of a group of Texas Rangers. They rare ordered to escort a group […]

Savage Worlds: I dreamt of it, and they created it!

Savage Worlds was created especially for me! I played role-playing games for years with my friends of the “Ludonautes”, and we used various game systems (L5R editions 1-3, Chaosium D100 Elric or Delta Green, Amber, Cadwallon, Pathfinder …) and sometimes also explored home-made rule systems.